November 9, 2011

Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

SoMAKEUPurMind Review
After four years of on-again-off-again, full time/part time study, I will finally complete my Bachelor of Business at approximately 7:30PM on Friday the 18th of November, 2011. Can I get a hoo-frickin'-rah?!.

Anyway, I only have one exam remaining so I figure that now is the perfect time to procrastinate. So.. 

A couple of months ago, I decided to spoil myself by purchasing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (I think it was around $15 AUD).  Essentially, this product promises bright, patterned and long wearing nail colour without the hassle of drying time.  The product is available in 24 colours/patterns but my favourite is definitely 'Girl Flower'. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
- Girl Flower
Inside the package you will find 1 x small nail buffer, 1 x cuticle stick and 16 x tacky nail polish strips in varying sizes.  To prep for application, all you need to do is clean, dry, buff and shape your natural nails, remembering to push back those unsightly cuticles lol.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
- Package Contents
To apply the nail strips, you need to  carefully size them up against your nail bed. Once you've made your selection, peel off the the backing strip and apply the polish to your nail by starting at the cuticle and smoothing it downward. Press and hold for a few seconds to ensure its longevity. To finish, use the nail buffer to remove any over hang. 

This is going to be a little hard to explain but personally, I found it quicker to wrap the excess underneath my nail and hold it with my thumb (same hand). Then I just used my thumb nail from the opposite hand to push underneath nail to cut through the excess.  I found that this cut the strip almost perfectly.    

The instructions don't stipulate using a top coat but I finished mine off with a couple of licks of China Glaze First and Last.  This is how they turned out...

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Girl Flower
- Finished Look
Cute Huh?

Overall Opinion
Before you rush out to purchase, I think it's important to advise that applying this product is trickier and more time consuming than it seems.  From memory, it took me well over half an hour and I was left sitting in a pile of messy nail polish clippings. Hmm.. Perhaps I'm just a little OCD.

Anyway, if you can get over that issue it's a pretty neat little product.  As you can see in the picture, you end up with a great result.  I loved my funky digits and best of all, they lasted around two weeks. Win!

SoMAKEUPurMind Overall Rating 4 out of 5

P.S. Good luck to anyone else with exams!


  1. They look great and I love the colour splash photo, such a good idea ;)

  2. I've been umming and arring about trying these for ages now. I should just bite the bullet and give them a go as they look awesome. That's such a cute print too. I can't believe they lasted two weeks!

  3. Yes, it was pretty impressive. Just make sure you avoid the dishes and apply top coat every second day or so. The strips are pretty thick but they're no match for dish scourers :D