January 5, 2011

Summer Love - CG Smoothers

SoMAKEUPurMind Review
I'm just going to put it out there...  Em and I absolutely loathe Summer and everything that comes along with it i.e. swimming, sweating, stickiness and smells (not us, others lol). 

Anyway, all of those aforementioned 'S' words, those obnoxious characteristics of the Australian Summer, make it particularly uncomfortable to wear foundation. I mean, you practically sweat it off  before you even finish putting it on!   Just thinking about that thick oily foundation feeling on a hot day is conjuring compulsive urges to start washing my face! Ugh. Well, I'm not going to put myself through that again this year. Hoorah for CoverGirl Smoothers!

CG Smoothers is a lightweight tinted moisturiser with SPF15 (über important). It's oil free, 100% PABA free and fragrance free, perfect for sensitive shiners like me :oP. It normally retails for $17.95 but I purchased  for $13.45 on a 25% Target special (win!).

CoverGirl CG Smoothers

The product has a creamy consistency and comes in four shades that are tinted enough to provide a sheer wash of colour. I wear 'light to medium' and this really helps to even out my skin tone. I still need to conceal and powder my 'T'  but that's to be expected and I'm totally OK with it.   As a mega plus, I find that the formula is actually quite mattifying and that the tint stays true all day.   

Application Swatches

CoverGirl CG Smoothers - Light to Medium

CG Smoothers all rubbed in :o)

SoMAKEUPurMind Overall Rating 3 out of 5

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