March 12, 2011

L'OREAL PARIS Volume Million Lashes

SoMAKEUPurMind Review
Volume Million Lashes, the 'Millionizer Brush' and the revolutionary built-in excess wiper.   

L'OREAL PARIS Volume Million Lashes

Volume Million Lashes was yet another notch on my belt of unneccessary purchases. As a third year marketing student, I am well aware of all the little tricks designed to exploit us as mere consumers. GAH! Then why, oh why am I still such a sucker for packaging?! 

Volume Million's packaging is sexy, contemporary, and speaks of such glorious things... volume, length, clump-free definition.  This mascara talks the talk but can it walk the walk?

The Millionizer
'The Millionizer Brush' is just another one of those over-sized plastic molded brushes, similar to the CoverGirl Lash Blast. Whilst I don't particularly like this kind of brush, I have to give it credit for lash definition.

L'OREAL PARIS Volume Million Lashes
- The Millionizer

This mascaras biggest let down is the formula. Volume is next to impossible with this thing! The consistency of the formula is thin, watery, and non-buildable and therefore, I hereby dub Volume Million Lashes a one-coat, crispy-lash mascara. Oh, and as an added bonus, it tends to flake lol.

Negatives aside, this mascara is quite lengthening and super black (and I mean super). I absolutely adore its sweet peony rose aroma (but I'm sure this will make many of you cringe).

P.S. Given that the formula is so thin, I'm pretty sure that the excess wiper is a total gimmick.

Application Swatches

Lashes au naturale

One coat of Volume Million Lashes

Overall Opinion
At AU$27.95, L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes is a  seriously overpriced drug-store mascara that manages to fail its number one selling point - volume.  Whilst I initially hated this mascara, I have learned to love it.  It's  perfect for those desperate mornings  when 'instant pretty' is a definite must. 

So in sum, Volume Million Lashes Mascara provides  blackest black, clump free lashes that are wonderfully defined but if it's volume you're after, look elsewhere. 

SoMAKEUPurMind Overall Rating 4 out of 5


  1. Wow, did a great job at bringing out your lashes!! I may need to try for myself!! Love your blog by the way, I love how ure blogging together!


  2. Hi Beauty Soiree,
    I'm so glad you like it!
    We'll be checking out your blog ASAP!